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Services Offered

We are passionate about what we do and the customer satisfaction we are committed to.  So much so that if you’re not happy with the service we want you to tell us about it and we will “make it right”, if you are completely satisfied them tell your friends. Our goal at Premium Marine is to provide every pleasure boater with a cost effective solution to keeping you and your family safe and on the water enjoying your time together.

Salmon Arm Boat Storage

Valet & Storage

Where you want it, when you want it

Why not have your boat where you want it when you want it worry free. We can look after all your logistic needs from having your boat serviced at any location you choose, relocate your boat from storage to your cabin or camp site when you want it, or stored either short or long term.


Why take it home if you are coming back later in the season?  Have us store it for you until you return and save the hassle.  Servicing the beautiful Shuswap and surrounding area.

Boat Servicing, Marine Maintenance, Repair Services

Services & Repair

On Budget. On time.

Thinking of repowering your boat? Call us first. With our used inventory we can ensure your job gets done completely with quality parts at a budget you can afford.


We service and rebuild all makes of recreational trailers whether it’s your holiday trailer or your boat trailer. We can service your brake systems, either electric or hydraulic, trailer lighting, bearing servicing, supply and replace your complete axle assembly if damaged, or rebuild the bunks or rollers on your trailer. 

Boat Shrink wrapping in the Shuswap


Take care of your investment

Protect your investment by having Premium Marine shrink wrap your boat for winter storage or transportation.


Why shrink wrap? The main reason to shrink wrap your boat, is to protect your investment from rain, snow, ice and UV light. Unlike the old blue tarp, shrink wrap will not leak. It won’t ice up and collapse, you don’t have to sweep off the snow and you won’t have to bail that puddle of water to stop the tarp from falling in. Once it’s wrapped you can basically forget about it until spring with peace of mind.


With the advent of weather tight vents and zipper doors you can eliminate or greatly reduce the chance of mold build up causing damage and potentially creating a health risk by allowing your boat to breathe while in storage.


Premium Marine only supplies premium 100% virgin resin shrink wrap that contains a 5% UV inhibitor to protect your interior from harmful UV light.


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